Changing people for good

Multiple delivery methods, One journey, One blended learning experience.

How it works

We design and deliver engaging blended programmes that change people for good.

The 70:20:10 model is at the heart of our approach. We choose the right combination of delivery methods for your learning objectives. All programmes are underpinned by proven learning science for one continuous stream of learning.

Our programmes are on brand and message for your organisation, providing a consistent, powerful learning experience.

We provide one point of contact and a complete end to end solution.

70 %

Social Learning

The use of social networking communities for learning is a rapid growth area. Learning communities are now so easy to build into a blended mix, and bring a real opportunity to share and learn together with colleagues or others around the world.

20 %

supported Learning

Formal coaching and informal mentoring, virtual classroom, 120 workout sessions and completely integrated eLearning solutions.

10 %

Formal Learning

People with real experience delivering brilliant training events.


iManage Performance is a successful training company that has worked with some of the world's leading companies and organisations.

Blended Learning at Mars

Mars have an effective in house training function but reached out to iManage to support them in the development of a new type of presentation skills programme that would fit a very specific audience and cover some very specific skills. Read more

Blended Learning at Mediacom

Mediacom view, their employees as their most valuable asset. Investment in training and development is paramount for maximum efficiency. The programme mixes e-Learning, snap-shot modules and full day workshops. This is providing fundamental job skills and social skills leading to fully rounded individuals... Read more

Companies we have worked with