Vocational Courses

Vocational Courses

Negotiating Commercial Outcomes
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The battlefield
Understanding the territory of commercial negotiation

Getting ready
Using a structured approach to preparation

Advanced behaviour
12 behavioural approaches to choose from

Practice in a commercial scenario

What delegates will learn

  • Insight into what the opposition will be doing
  • Introduction to a structured approach to prepare for the negotiation effectively
  • Learn the difference between tactical and strategic negotiation
  • Learn 12 behavioural approaches to your negotiation
  • An opportunity to put everything into practice in a safe commercial workshop scenario

This is a great course for those that are involved in negotiating commercial arrangements and contracts regardless of experience.


Managing In An Outsourced Environment
Duration: 2 days

Course content

Approach 1 – The Colleague
How to create a true partnership

Approach 2 – The Capitalist
How to work when the market is competitive

Approach 3 – The Collector
How to work when it’s low value and risk

Approach 4 - The Controller
How to work when the tail is wagging the dog

What delegates will learn

  • Provision of a new ways to view and behave when faced with differing outsource scenarios
  • Break entrenched ways of working and build appropriate responses for future strategies
  • Understand what conditions serve to create successful outsourced arrangements and understand why many seem doomed for failure
  • Gain insight into precise ways of working each behaviour set

This course is designed for those that have to manage an outsourced relationship.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Financial foundation
Jargon buster
Accounting documents

Net present value
Internal rate of return

Client specific
A review of client specific finance

Making sense
How elements of finance work together

What delegates will learn

  • Development understanding of true value
  • The ability to read profit & loss, balance sheets and cash flow statements
  • Understand the significance of budgeting
  • Understand the impact of ROI (Return on investment)
  • Insight into effective reporting
  • Get a new insight into the organisations finance structures, key people and ways of working

For people who would like an introduction in organisational finance or a refresher on current finance practices.


Debt recovery
Duration: 1 day

Course content

DIY debt collection
When is it appropriate to pursue your own claims

The legalities
Legal principles
Civil procedures

The process
Understanding the full process

In practice
Understanding the process and timescales

What delegates will learn

  • When and when not to conduct your own claim
  • How claims affect relationships with customers
  • The background to civil procedures and the court system
  • How to process a claim through the courts
  • When and how a judgement can be enforced
  • Understand the timescales and costs involved

This course is for anyone who is involved in conducting their own debt recovery claims.

Train the Trainer
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The basics
Setting up for success

The learning process
Stages of learning
Learning styles

Training design
Design content

Delivery and evaluation
Training delivery
Assessing learning

What delegates will learn

  • What makes good trainers and training
  • How to set an event up for success
  • Differences between training and coaching
  • How people learn and how to produce a course that appeals to all types of learners
  • How to divide content to produce a helpful course structure
  • How to train practical skills & facilitate effectively
  • How to assess delegate performance and give motivational feedback

This course is for anyone that needs to build and deliver any type of face to face training intervention for their organisation.