Sales Marketing and Customer Service

Sales Marketing and Customer Service

Terrific Telesales
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The fundamentals
The key skills of the telesales person

The telesales process
The process from preparation to the sale

Selling your product confidently and clearly

Closing the sale
Recognising, negotiating and closing the sale

What delegates will learn

  • Gain interest and establish rapport quickly
  • Understand verbal communication, tone, language and pace
  • Understand and use best practise in telesales
  • Use open and closed questions effectively
  • Identify customer’s needs, present solutions and recognise buying signals
  • Overcome objections and stay in control of the call
  • Close the sale and the call

The perfect course for aspiring telesales teams

Successful sales
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The fundamentals
The 3 key areas of communication

Sales structure
The 3 P’s which underpin successful selling

Selling your product: features vs benefits

Practical exercises to develop your skills

What delegates will learn

  • Make the right impression
  • Understand and use the 3 P’s - Product, Price and Presentation
  • The values of clever questioning: open vs closed
  • Opening and closing the meeting
  • Develop rapport and read between the lines
  • Understand the clients’ needs
  • Sell the product and services
  • Handle and overcome objections
  • Gain commitment from the client

This course provides classic sales training for anyone that is new to sales

Selling with impact
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The sales process from end to end

The key skills of an effective sales person

Using different styles to match your buyers

Practical exercises to develop your skills

What delegates will learn

  • What makes a professional sales person
  • The sales process from planning to closing the sale
  • How to make successful cold-call appointments
  • Identifying decision makers and how best to approach them
  • How to present their product with confidence and professionalism
  • Understand buying signals, overcoming objections and closing the sale
  • Maximising your sales

This course is for anyone that has already got experience in face-to-face selling or has been trained in sales but wants to improve.

Key Account Management
Duration: 2 days

Course content

Know your role as a key account manager

Knowing your customer
Analysing the competitors

Influencing and building trust
Engaging the buyer

Negotiating effectively

What delegates will learn

  • How to gain entry to new clients
  • The power of the Decision maker
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Benchmarking and setting goals
  • Appreciate the buyers point of view
  • Engage with the buyer and influence effectively
  • Know the clients expectations and agree mutually beneficial goals
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Manage the client through change

This is a great course for anyone involved in key account management and business development.


Customer Care
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Why customer service?
Why it matters
The link with company performance

What is good service?
No dogs allowed or guide dogs welcome?

Customer needs
Understanding customers
Complaint handling

Getting it right
Practical ways to keep customers happy

What delegates will learn

  • Why customer service matters, from keeping promises to empowerment
  • How our attitudes towards the customers matter
  • What is customer quality - The power of expectations
  • The value of a complaint
  • The need to take control of difficult conversations
  • How to think one step ahead
  • What words work in a customer service context

For anyyone that deals directly with customers. This course will bring a smile to your customer’s faces!

Conference and Event management
Duration: 1 day

Course content

An effective brief
Planning tools

Maximising the attendance
Promotion - how to market

Keep to the budget
Minimising problems

Event analysis and key learnings

What delegates will learn

  • The ingredients of a successful event
  • How to produce a briefing document and gain acceptance
  • Planning the event
  • Contingency planning
  • How to keep within the budget
  • How to promote the event to maximise its benefit
  • Staying within Health and Safety law
  • Assertive communication
  • The value of post-event analysis

A great course for anyone who is involved in the running of events or conferences

Train the Trainer
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The basics
Setting up for success

The learning process
Stages of learning
Learning styles

Training design
Design content

Delivery and evaluation
Training delivery
Assessing learning

What delegates will learn

  • What makes good trainers and training
  • How to set an event up for success
  • Differences between training and coaching
  • How people learn and how to produce a course that appeals to all types of learners
  • How to divide content to produce a helpful course structure
  • How to train practical skills & facilitate effectively
  • How to assess delegate performance and give motivational feedback

This course is for anyone that needs to build and deliver any type of face to face training intervention for their organisation.