Project Management

Project Management

Relationship Skills for Project Managers
Duration: 1 day

Course content

The Champion
Leading a team
Building a sense of team

The Tank Commander
Influencing and positioning

The Housekeepr
Dealing with people

The Lemon Squeezer
Handling conflict and sticking at it

What delegates will learn

  • How to lead in a way which creates followers and sells the project vision to everyone involved
  • Gain an ability to influence other people
  • How to keep things moving
  • Learn how to remote manage
  • Become confident in addressing inevitable conflict situations
  • Grow in confidence as a Project Manager

This course is for all project managers that need to enhance their ability to engage and influence others.

The Complete Project
Duration: 3 days

Course content

What’s it all for?
Stakeholders, Sponsorship
Scoping, Defining projects

Who’s who?
The manager
The team

The master plan
Estimates, content, planning tools and risks

Making it all happen
Dealing with the realities and avoiding the pitfalls

What delegates will learn

  • How to set a project up for success
  • How to “sell” a new project concept
  • How to spot, analyse and resolve those project problems
  • How and what to measure for success
  • How to define scope and stop creep
  • Some new dedicated project management tools
  • How to mitigate against risk
  • How to bring a project to a close

This is the definitive course for Project Managers and members of project teams

Project management for PA’s and admin staff
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Project overview
What makes a successful project?

Project structure
The vital processes for projects

Project management
Using Gantt charts and setting milestones

Working together
Building successful relationships

What delegates will learn

  • The fundamentals of successful projects and best practice methodologies
  • The key steps and stages in detail
  • Identify project priorities and key milestones
  • To use Gantt charts to plan and track progress
  • Build strong working relationships to enable successful project delivery

This course is for PA’s and administration personnel who are also involved in projects.

People skills for project management
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Creating the culture
Creating a good team working culture

Effective delegation
Delegating not abdicating

Managing remotely
Influencing people to achieve the best results

Working together
Understanding and building good relationships

What delegates will learn

  • What makes an effective project team
  • Confidence in working with different personalities and motivations
  • How to delegate and get the best results
  • Coaching and support team members during the project
  • Keep the project on track
  • Key communication skills for project work

This course is for project managers who want to get the most from their team

Microsoft Project
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The basics
Fundamentals of project management

Creating the project
Step by step guide to setting up the project

Formatting the Gantt chart

Working with projects
How to link in the people

What delegates will learn

  • Understand the basic principles of Project
  • Format and print a project
  • Work with resources and entering tasks & durations
  • Understanding and using milestones
  • Linking tasks
  • Changing relationships
  • Setting lead & lag time & understanding constraints
  • Outlining a project
  • Using summary and subtasks
  • Working with the critical path & using resources

New or confused by Microsoft Project? This will provide you with the confidence to make Project work for you.

Managing Smaller Dynamic Projects
Duration: 2 days

Course content

The people
Governance / Stakeholders
Engaging indirect teams

Project discipline
Robust project planning
Risks and issue logs

Reviews and reporting
Concluding projects

Making it happen
Impacting the critical path
Driving the initiative

What delegates will learn

  • How to set the project up for success
  • What makes the difference between success and failure and why stakeholder management is so important
  • How to prepare and structure the project plan
  • What to do with risks and logs
  • How to report effectively
  • How to manage the project reviews throughout its life and at the end
  • What’s needed to make it all happen

A great course for non-project managers who are tasked with managing a project or projects as part of their wider role.