Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

The Model Manager
Duration: 1 to 3 days

An introduction into what makes a model manager, the key competencies and the role of manager

Course content

Getting in to the course and its benefits

The model manager
Understanding managers and leaders

The managers competencies
How competencies aid our performance

Embedding behaviour
Behaviours and beliefs of successful managers

What delegates will learn

  • The role the manager plays
  • The key traits of managers and leaders
  • How beliefs drive our behaviours
  • Successful mindsets and beliefs of the model manager
  • How competencies translate into everyday behaviour
  • How to make permanent changes in the workplace
  • How to find their own management style

This course removes the question of what a great manager looks like in your organisation. It is designed for both experienced managers and those new to the role.

Supervisors Survival Guide
Duration: 1 day

A course for people that have been promoted into first line supervisory roles but have not previously had any formal management or leadership training.

Course content

The basics
What’s it all about
How to motivate people

Leading others
All about creating followers
Situational leadership

Making words count
Being effective & consistent with comms

Managing others
Getting organised
Resolving disputes

What delegates will learn

  • Personal task efficiency improvement
  • An understanding of motivational skills
  • An ability to appropriately deal with issues such as absenteeism as they arise
  • A new perspective on the importance of communications
  • Tools for improvement and problem resolution
  • A wider range of supervisory approach styles
  • An understanding of what makes good leaders

This is for those who have people to manage or supervise but have not previously  had any formal training about how to delegate, manage and lead.

Stop Managing, Start Leading
Duration: 1 day

This course highlights the difference between management and leadership. A very thought provoking day that will challenge your concepts and practices.

Course content

Creating followers
Discovering what leadership is all about

Building influence
Discovering leadership authenticity

Situational leadership
How to behave and when

Leadership models
Dictatorship and democracy - why they matter

What delegates will learn

  • What makes someone a leader
  • How to propagate true leadership characteristics
  • Why authenticity in leadership is so crucial and how to measure it
  • Why one leadership style is never going to work and what alternatives there are
  • Insight into leading business school thinking on different models of leadership
  • How to generate followers

This course will suit those who aspire to be a leader not a follower. It will demonstrate how genuine leadership can be nurtured.

Performance Management
Duration: 1 day

A course designed to enhance the ability to effectively manage the performance of others.

Course content

Getting focus
Looking into the power of objectives

Setting goals
Scoping and setting balanced goals

Guiding success
Anchoring goals
Driving accountability

Following up results
Providing goal feedback
Motivating through success

What delegates will learn

  • Clarity about the impact created by effective goals
  • The opportunity to develop a clear view of the future
  • Strategies and techniques for creating effective goals
  • An understanding of the need for goal balance to be successful
  • How to create a new way of anchoring goals into daily work and life
  • How to stick with goals over the long view
  • How to track feedback and celebrate successes

For managers who want to get clarity and results through performance management that motivates.

Duration: 1 day

Because we often feel it’s quicker to do it ourselves, managers fail to delegate effectively to their teams. This course addresses the barriers and shows how to do it well.

Course content

The basics
Understand why we should delegate

Delegation model
5 steps to successful delegation

Making it motivate
Using delegation to grow others

Making it happen
The delegation meeting.
Preparing for tomorrow

What delegates will learn

  • An understanding of the value of good delegation
  • How good and bad delegation differ
  • 5 practical steps to delegating in an effective way
  • How to motivate and not crush others by delegating to them
  • How to deliver feedback to create positive outcomes
  • Planning for the delegation meeting
  • Some space to select good first try opportunities for tomorrow

For those with management responsibility of developing people who  also want to improve their own time management and capabilities.

Courageous Conversations
Duration: 2 days

This course shows you how to effectively have difficult discussions and survive to fight another day!

Course content

What stops you
Overcoming our barriers
Getting ready

Talking tough
Managing the conversation

Under the skin
Using transactional analysis to understand

Living with it
Continuing the relationship if it’s got rough edges

What delegates will learn

  • A clear framework from pre-conversation preparation
  • Outlines how to behave during conversation to maximise influence and minimise disagreement
  • Practical strategies to enable the removal of barriers to tough conversations
  • How to cope with relationship strain post conversation
  • To explore and practice new ways to handle conflict

This course will provide tools and techniques to deal effectively with difficult conversations.

Building Effective Teams
Duration: 2 days

An introduction to building great teams. It provides insight into what makes a great team and what makes the collective group really buzz.

Course content

The basics
The 8 characteristics of high performing teams

The people
Understanding ways of working using iAcquire

Team growth
Stages of teams and overcoming barriers

Driving execution on a day to day basis

What delegates will learn

  • What makes a high performing team and be able to measure it in the future.
  • How individuals are different, what this means to the team dynamic,
  • How teams develop, and see how to speed effectiveness of the team.
  • Ways to monitor the teams progress and development.
  • How to create a culture of team delivery

This course provides practical insight into how you create and contribute to high performing teams.