HR Training and Employment Law

HR Training and Employment Law

Managers Maternity Brief
Duration: Half day

Course content

The importance of maternity
Managing through maternity

The facts
Company policy in maternity

How to support
Boost staff confidence levels

How to retain
Assisting in retaining talent

What delegates will learn

  • How their role makes a big difference to the maternity period
  • What’s going to happen and how to manage it
  • Understand the legal and company requirements through the employees maternity leave
  • That it’s not only about the mums to be
  • How to provide the support that’s required
  • How to retain talent and facilitate a higher return rate

This course is designed to help all managers understand how they can manage periods of maternity leave and still retain productivity and talent.

New Dad’s Workshop
Duration: 1 day

Course content

The facts
Support entitlement
Relevant policy and procedure

The practicalities
Prepare and live with the change
Childcare and support

Identifying values
Happier work-life balance

Discussing concerns with a working dad

What delegates will learn

  • How to secure recognition and support
  • How to prepare for and live with the change
  • Understand what support they and their partners need in the early days
  • How to set objectives for a better-balanced family life and fulfilling professional career

This course is designed for new dads and those about to become dads


Maternity Workshop
Duration: 3 days

Course content

Confidence in change
The support network

Ways to stay sharp
Handover plan
Preparing for the ‘culture shock’

Preparing to return
Going back to a profession

Confident and quick reintegration
Work/family balance
Managing anxiety positively

What delegates will learn

  • Professional to parent – managing your change of image at work
  • Maintaining your confidence and assertiveness
  • Creating and communicating a handover plan preparing for the maternity leave ‘culture shock’
  • Preparing for the return to work
  • Managing your change of image from ‘parent’ back to ‘professional’
  • Managing work / family balance
  • Reviewing your career plan

This course is designed for anyone that is pregnant and looking to come back to work.

Training and Learning Needs Analysis
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Reasons to create a training plan

Creating a TNA
How to carry out a Training Needs Analysis

Managing expectations
Briefing participants and managing expectations

Reviewing and evaluating the training

What delegates will learn

  • Why a plan is necessary
  • How to dovetail the organisational strategy and training plan together
  • Create tangible benefits to the delegates and organisation
  • Carry out an effective Training Needs Analysis
  • Appreciate the methodologies for learning
  • Write joining instructions and manage delegates expectations
  • Understand different methods of evaluation

This course is designed for anyone who is involved in training

Employment Law Latest
Duration: Half day

Typical course content (content areas will depend on topical subjects at the time of the course)

People changes and redundancy

Statutory requirements
Equal pay
Disciplinary procedures

Review of important tribunal decisions

Future changes
Forthcoming changes in the UK and Europe

What delegates will learn

  • Updates on the latest developments in employment legislation
  • How to ensure their organisation complies with legislation
  • Be able to implement any necessary changes to current procedures
  • How to apply knowledge to a range of situations
  • Understand the forthcoming legislations and be aware of its possible implications

For those that have a good grounding in Employment Law but need to update on recent changes & introductions

Employment Law Foundation
Duration: Half day

Course content

Contracts of employment

Dealing with issues

Family friendly legislation

Legislations update
Working time regulations

What delegates will learn

  • A basic understanding of a broad range of employment law issues
  • How dismissals must be managed
  • How tribunals will be run
  • How the law impacts the way they manage
  • Understand how their organisational procedures work in the context of the law
  • Be able to apply their knowledge to everyday situations

This course is for managers that have no prior experience of HR Law or just need a refresher.

Developing others
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Why develop?
The difference between development and training

The process
Using the best approach
Making learning stick

Identifying development and training solutions

The future
Putting learning into practice

What delegates will learn

  • How to develop and train people even when budgets and resources are tight
  • Understand different learning styles and match these with development and training interventions
  • The advantages and disadvantage of types of learning intervention
  • How to ensure that the time spent learning is as effective as possible
  • The importance or pre-course objectives and post-course review and follow-up

For anyone who has a responsibility for the development of others.

Behavioural interviewing
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Creating the specification using competencies

The interview
Structuring the interview using useful questions

Avoiding pitfalls
The halo and horn effect
Staying within the law

Making the right selection
Finishing the process

What delegates will learn

  • How to clearly define and use competencies
  • The interview process with key stages and methods
  • To use carefully crafted behavioural questions
  • Clarity around traits and behaviour
  • How to use the STAR process for interviewing
  • To use balanced judgement
  • Awareness of current legislation
  • Close the process by making offers and giving rejections

This course is for anyone who takes part in the interview process

Appraising Others
Duration: 1 day

Course content

Defining Appraisal
The purpose and benefits of appraisals

Getting ready and assessing performance

The Meeting
Structuring the appraisal meeting

Follow up
Reviewing Performance

What delegates will learn

  • How to assess current performance and consider the discussion
  • How to review training and development needs
  • Feel confident in delivering structured feedback
  • Use effective questioning techniques
  • Learn how to deal with difficult appraisees
  • Avoid common pitfalls of appraisals
  • How to establish rapport and get the best out of the meeting

This is for anyone involved in appraising others.